Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pocket Gardens - blogged again!

We're delighted to report that Pocket Gardens have been featured in several more excellent Second Life blogs.
We're grateful to all of these bloggers for taking the time to investigate our prefab landscaping and write about it. Thanks for noticing Pocket Gardens, and enjoy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Small Gardens @ Pocket Gardens

Now Pocket Gardens has two 3x3 gardens available at less than 14 prims a piece.

Pocket Gardens Mood: Blue, which Subscribe-o-matic members have already received as our gift, is now available for sale at both shop locations and on XstreetSL for just L$125. Coming in at a svelte 11 prims, Mood: Blue includes our ground-texture menu and two original sit poses.

Pocket Gardens - Flowers: Despite and Still is the vanguard model in our upcoming product line. Grungy and urban in feel, this model highlights the tenacity of life with flowers growing in unlikely surroundings. The garden, which is 14 prims, includes our ground-texture menu and three original sit poses nestled among the rusty barrels and old tire - and, if you look carefully, you might find a little critter hiding down there as well.

Flowers: Despite and Still is available FREE for a limited time in the Pocket Gardens subscribe-o-matic. Don't miss it - head over to either of our shop locations (links at the top right of this blog) and sign up.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pocket Gardens preview - Flowers: Despite and Still

Coming soon from Pocket Gardens, a new prefab landscaping design with a grungy, urban feel.

Have you ever seen those tenacious flowers and grasses that poke their heads through cracks in concrete? Flowers: Despite and Still captures the enduring spirit of those flowers, unlikely splashes of color in a debris-strewn landscape.

Flowers: Despite and Still will be available soon in three sizes. Each size will feature several original sit poses and customizable ground textures and color themes. Look for the tiny rat who hides between the old tire and the overturned rusty barrel. And if you are on our Subscribe-o-matic list, expect a special preview version of the new garden very soon.