Thursday, December 16, 2010

New from Pocket Gardens - Winter Stump

Pocket Gardens is pleased to announce the latest, seasonal addition to our set of simple, cute country scenery - Pocket Gardens - Winter Stump.

Pocket Gardens - Winter Stump extends our line of adorable, versatile stump scenes into the snowy season. The piece is copiable, and includes the following features:
  • Three different pine tree textures (owner-touch menu)
  • Sit poses for two avatars.
  • Optional bird song that changes with the time of the SL day

Seriously, how cute is that pose?

Pocket Gardens - Winter Stump is just L$125. Come check it out in the shop today.

For more from Pocket Gardens, visit our main shop, or drop by our store on the SL Marketplace. And don't forget - to send Pocket Gardens items as gifts, visit us on the SL Marketplace or IM Carter Denja.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Magic of Winter Hunt is on at Pocket Gardens

Pocket Gardens is pleased to be a part of the Magic of Winter Hunt! The hunt is on now through January 4 and includes more than 70 great shops.

Come by Pocket Gardens and find our hunt prize, an adorable winter garden called Now Winter Nights Enlarge.

Start at the Pocket Gardens shop - to find the prize, look for signs of winter upstairs - or, slap the boards at the shop entrances to get the starting LM for the hunt. Check out the hunt's website for a list of stores and hints, too.