Sunday, May 15, 2011

New from Pocket Gardens - Edging Set 2 - at Home & Garden Expo

Pocket Gardens is pleased to be a part of the 2011 Home & Garden Expo in support of Relay For Life.

We have a new release available only at the expo: Pocket Gardens - Garden Edging Set 2, with all proceeds of this item benefiting Relay For Life.

Pocket Gardens - Garden Edging Set 2 provides nine charming, low-prim arrangements of rocks, grass and flowers that you can mix and match to border any garden space. All pieces in Pocket Gardens - Garden Edging Set 2 are copiable. So just rez as many as you need, and arrange them any way you like to form flagstone paths or edgings in your garden!

Visit Pocket Gardens at the expo, pick up your own Edging Set, and support Relay For Life. And don't forget to have a look around at the 10 sims full of wonderful home and garden designs by well over 100 of Second Life merchants.