Monday, October 26, 2009

New from Pocket Gardens - Castalia series

Pocket Gardens is delighted to announce our new line of prefab landscaping designs - Pocket Gardens - Castalia. Centered on a dramatic waterfall, Castalia is packed with features and is sure to make a splash on your home or commercial property. Read more about Castalia's features below the picture.

Pocket Gardens - Castalia comes in three sizes. Your purchase includes one of these three gardens (unless you choose the fat pack, in which case you get all three):

  • Pocket Gardens - Castalia small (8 x 8): 30 prims (300L)
  • Pocket Gardens - Castalia medium (11 x 11): 46 prims (400L)
  • Pocket Gardens - Castalia large (13 x 13): 60 prims (500L)

All three sizes are copiable, and include the following features:

  • Menu-driven customizable ground textures and color themes (touch garden to activate menu; operable by owner only). You can select from three color themes and seven ground textures, including an alpha ground that allows the Pocket Gardens prefab garden to blend seamlessly with your own ground texture.
  • A pair of original sit poses - sit on the log for the log sit, or sit anywhere else in the garden to access the ground sit.
  • Soothing waterfall sounds
  • Pleasant birdsong and environmental sound that changes with the time of the the SL day. These can be toggled on and off by touching the edge of the pool (small and medium) or by touching the bird (large).
  • Optional base prim to showcase your Pocket Gardens Castalia prefab garden with a handsome border (resizable for small; for medium and large, the base prim is a mega prim and therefore cannot be resized).
  • Optional copiable and resizable hedge prim to offset your Pocket Gardens Castalia prefab garden with a cozy hedge.

The medium and large Castalia gardens also include:

  • A book with an original sit animation

Finally, the large Castalia garden includes additional features:

  • A beautiful beam of light that shimmers gently as though the light were filtered through rustling leaves. Touch the beam to toggle between sunlight (yellow) and moonlight (white).
  • Menu-driven customizable lamppost. Touch the globe of the lamp to activate the menu, and choose globe prim color, light color, light intensity, or turn the light off or on.
  • An additional original sit animation - right-click on the small rock near the left side of the waterfall to use it.

You can see Pocket Gardens - Castalia on display at both of our in-world locations - links to them at the top right of this page.

Thanks again for your interest in Pocket Gardens prefab landscaping. Please let Carter Denja know if you have any comments or questions about our products.