Sunday, December 27, 2009

New freebie from Pocket Gardens - Mood: Jaune

Pocket Gardens is delighted to announce a new free gift for our subscribers - Pocket Gardens - Mood: Jaune.

Pocket Gardens - Mood: Jaune is one of the smallest Pocket Gardens models at just 3m x 3m and 12 prims. We hope you enjoy this taste of instant landscaping with Pocket Gardens.

Pocket Gardens - Mood: Jaune is copiable, and includes the following features:
  • Menu-driven customizable ground textures (touch garden to activate menu; operable by owner only). You can select from seven ground textures, including an alpha ground that allows your Pocket Gardens prefab garden to blend seamlessly with your own ground texture.
  • An original pair of cuddly sit poses on the bench.
  • Optional birdsong and environmental sounds that change with the time of the SL day - touch the bird to turn on and off.
  • Optional resizable base prim to showcase your Pocket Gardens prefab garden with a handsome border if you wish.
Come to any of our in-world locations and touch our Subscribe-o-matic to get Pocket Gardens - Mood: Jaune for free today!

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