Saturday, March 20, 2010

New from Pocket Gardens - Bench with Planters

Pocket Gardens is pleased to announce the release of a lovely item in our Elements series of inexpensive landscaping accents.

Pocket Gardens - Bench with Planters is 10 prims, copiable, and includes the following features:

* Three original sit poses, one solo sit and a pair of cuddly sits
- right-click on the book to use the solo sit
- right-click on the bench to use the cuddly sits

* Choose from nine plant textures - change the plants by touching anywhere on the bench or plants. Textures change on owner touch only.

Pocket Gardens Elements is a line of individual landscaping accents that can be used with Pocket Gardens prefab gardens or on their own to add an extra touch of character to your grounds.

See Pocket Gardens - Bench with Planters at our our in-world shop and on XstreetSL.

Pocket Gardens Shop in New Toulouse Algiers