Saturday, February 26, 2011

New from Pocket Gardens - Study in Red with sculpted orchids

Pocket Gardens is pleased to announce the newest in our series of sculpted landscaping accents - Pocket Gardens - Study in Red.

Pocket Gardens - Study in Red is a graceful, meditative sculpted orchid arrangement with a charming little cardinal. A beautiful, versatile arrangement for just L$125.

In addition to the full arrangement, the Pocket Gardens - Study in Red package includes separate pieces of the arrangement so you can choose a display that fits your prim budget. All pieces are copiable - rez as many as you need. The package includes:

* Study in Red: the full arrangement (21 prims)
* Study in Red arr. 1: a 4-bloom stem with cardinal (11 prims)
* Study in Red arr. 2 :a 5-bloom stem (8 prims)
* Study in Red Base: 2 prims

The cardinals in the full arrangement and in arrangement 1 include optional intermittent birdsong sound - touch the cardinal to turn the song on or off.

Thanks to Logan Bauer of Arctic Greenhouse for the orchid sculpts.

To get your Pocket Gardens - Study in Red, visit our main shop, or drop by our store on the SL Marketplace. And don't forget - to send Pocket Gardens items as gifts, visit us on the SL Marketplace or IM Carter Denja.