Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New from Pocket Gardens - Calla Lilies In Bloom Again

Pocket Gardens is pleased to announce the newest in our series of sculpted flower arrangements - Pocket Gardens - In Bloom Again.

"The calla lilies are in bloom again ... such a strange flower."
-- Stage Door, 1937

Pocket Gardens - In Bloom Again is a simple arrangement of three calla lilies in your choice of colors - just click each lily to change its color from white to pink to orange. These calla lilies are perfect for Easter decorating, or lovely for any reason any time of year. The entire arrangement is just 7 prims - yours for $L100.

To get your Pocket Gardens - In Bloom Again, visit our main shop, or drop by our store on the SL Marketplace. And don't forget - to send Pocket Gardens items as gifts, visit us on the SL Marketplace or IM Carter Denja.

Thanks to Logan Bauer of Arctic Greenhouse for the lily sculpts.